Croxley Green Parish Council has 16 elected Members from two Wards - Dickinsons Ward and Durrants Ward.

Councillors are required to abide by a Code of Conduct that sets out rules governing their behaviour. The Council has also introduced a Media Relations Policy and Social Media Policy which all Councillors are expected to abide by.

Dickinsons Ward (8 Members)
Cllr David Bains
Cllr Dudley Edmunds
Cllr Jeremy Hollands (Vice Chairman)
Cllr Jussie Kaur
Cllr Chris Mitchell
Cllr Robert Ridley
Cllr Mark Saxon (Chairman)

Durrants Ward (8 Members)
Cllr Ken Baldwin
Cllr Nigel Cole
Cllr Andrew Gallagher
Cllr Andrew Hobbs
Cllr Sarah Linhart
Cllr David Montague
Cllr Cliff Vassiliou
Cllr Derek Wallington

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Addresses of Councillors 2017 PUBLIC COPY July 2017

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