Croxley Green has a host of differing environments from the open spaces of The Green, Stones Orchard and Recreation Grounds to the wooded areas of Croxleyhall Woods. Indeed all around Croxley are footpaths which meander though the woodlands to emerge into open grassland like Buddleia Walk, now encompassed into the second of Croxley Green's designated village greens. With views overlooking the canal and Common Moor, this is truely a place far removed from the bustle of every day life and the traffic weaving its way through Croxley along the A412.

In 2008 the Parish Council entered into a partnership with a local community group called Flowers4Croxley. Their aim is to work with the Parish Council and the community to co-ordinate the provision and maintenance of floral displays throught Croxley. This includes enhancing areas which are unkempt, a bit dull and unattractive with the siting of tubs of flowers and hanging baskets. Two flowers beds have been created by the side of the Watford Road (A412) near to the tube station which has turned an area of grass into a floral display providing a welcome splash of colour to the area. Rose bushes have been planted on the Two Bridges roundabout by The Harvester restaurant and attractive floral displays are to be seen on the three 'Welcome to Croxley Green' village signs. Funding for the Flowers4Croxley group comes from donations by local businesses, shop owners, residents and grants and the Parish Council assists with maintenance.


River Chess, Scotsbridge Mill - Information on work to reduce the risk of flooding from millstream

Below is an information sheet issued by the Environment Agency regarding the forthcoming works at Scotsbridge Mill:

River Chess Scotsbridge Mill Newsletter January 2015 (256.51 kB)

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