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Referendum 6th December 2018

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The clean up of Stone's Orchard has begun after the recent unauthorised encampment.  The general litter and waste was removed this afternoon by Croxley Green Parish Councillors and Staff.


Please be aware that there is still hazardous material present in Stone's Orchard.  We are looking to appoint a waste contractor to collect the hazardous material and sanitise the area as soon as possible.  We recommend that you keep your dogs on their leads whilst walking through the Orchard.

Croxley Green Parish Council will be delivering the Controlled Parking Zone leaflet shortly.  The leaflet outlines the proposed Controlled Parking Zones within Croxley.

It is vital that you respond to the consultation to ensure that your views are taken into consideration.



PCSO Ross Huegdon has now joined PCSO Steve Jacob to cover Croxley Green.  


You may have seen PCSO Huegdon on patrol in Croxley Green with PCSO Jacob since the beginning of July.  We welcome him to the team and helping keep Croxley Green safe.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to the photo competition at the Peace Picnic, all the pictures showed beautiful peaceful places around Croxley and we certainly have some talented photographers.

The Winners in each category are:

Primary Secondary Adult

Anna Bramall - 1st

Issac Webb - 2nd

Luke McCabe - 3rd

Zoe Martin - 1st

Lucie - 2nd


Janet Martin - 1st

Rod Lacey - 2nd

Margaret Pomfret - 3rd


Our proud Primary winners - Anna, Isaac and Luke - came to the office to collect their Rosettes:

Anna     Isaac    Luke1

All photos submitted for the Peace Picnic Photo Competition will be displayed in the Croxley Green Library soon.


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