From 10 July New Road is scheduled to be resurfaced.  The work is scheduled to last 5 days.  The whole of the road will be closed from Watford Road to The Green.  Croxley Green Parish Council has been concerned for some time about the condition of New Road and the potential of incidents with vehicles and cyclists having to take last moment manouvres to avoid potholes and the general degragration of the road surface.  Following a Planning and Development Committee (P&D) meeting last week addressing a road safety issue, the matter was taken up with Hertfordhsire County Council (HCC) and they have advised of the resurfacing date.  A 'temporary' road closure order was issued and published by HCC a liitle while back, along with other potential road closures within the TRDC district, but with an '18 month window' of their impending works.  The Parish Council's P&D Committe considered that something needed to be done now.  HCC also advised that an inspection of the road will be undertaken to address any imminent potential hazard to users of the road.

As the road will be closed from 10 July for 5 days, access for residents only, users of New Road should seek alternative routes.  And if you are a commuter and think you can park on street on the cheap, think again as your car may be taken away!!!!!!

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