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The Parish Council has received several enquiries from residents asking how they or the Parish Council can help with the current situation in Ukraine.

As we are all aware the situation in the Ukraine is very upsetting and concerning.The humanitarian consequences of this military action on civilians is and will be devastating. Our thoughts and sympathy are with everyone who is affected.

Parish Councils are not allowed to make donations of money. However, we can help by signposting how village residents can help:

  • The Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 15 leading UK aid charities, is experienced in Eastern Europe and best placed to allocate cash donations to greatest effect.By donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, you'll help DEC charities provide food, water, shelter and healthcare to refugees and displaced families. More information: https://donation.dec.org.uk/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal">https://donation.dec.org.uk/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal 

Ryan Bennett

Clerk to Croxley Green Parish Council

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