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Croxley Green Parish Council is very pleased to announce the two winners of the Croxley Green Parish Council Christmas Lights Competition.

Two Parish Councillors conducted the judging jthis week and we are delighted to announce that the two winners of the 2019 Croxley Green Parish Council Christmas Lights Competition are  Summer & Paul Allen and the Croxley Green Community Centre.

(Summer & Paul's entry from New Road. Go and check it out !)

It was a very tough choice for the judges this year and we thank everyone who entered. 

Congratulations to both for retaining their awards from 2018 ! 

We are already looking forward to see what you all come up with in 2020. 

Dog Hygiene is the single biggest cost to the Parish Council after employing Staff.

We are looking to make sure residents are receiving value for money from the service we provide, and your feedback may help us reduce the amount we spend on dog hygiene.

Do we have the right bins in the right place ? Are there too many bins in one area ? Are there bins you never use ? Let us know to help us improve our service to you.

Please complete all sections relevant to you and provide any additional comments that you may have:-

Dog Bin Survey

If you are using an Apple device you may not be able to open the survey. You can view a PDF version here

Please return completed questionnaires via email or drop off at Parish Council office.  Please submit responses by Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Also attached is a list of all Dog Bins in Croxley Green.

Map of Dog Bins in Croxley

If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As part of our Croxley Green Beautification Project we have installed 4 pedal planters on Watford Road. Once the plants have had a chance to settle, they will bring some natural colour to the area and allow space for residents to lock up their bicycles !


The clean up of Stone's Orchard has begun after the recent unauthorised encampment.  The general litter and waste was removed this afternoon by Croxley Green Parish Councillors and Staff.


Please be aware that there is still hazardous material present in Stone's Orchard.  We are looking to appoint a waste contractor to collect the hazardous material and sanitise the area as soon as possible.  We recommend that you keep your dogs on their leads whilst walking through the Orchard.

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