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On the approach into Croxley Green from Watford, two advertising billboards have been effectively abandoned and left in a bad state of repair. They are incredibly unsightly and detrimental to Croxley Green’s landscape and street scene. 

One is situated by Croxley Car Centre and the other on the Harvester roundabout. 

CarCentrebillboard harvesterroundaboutbillboard

With nobody taking adequate care of the boards, they are also becoming a safety issue for passing pedestrians with concerns that they may fall over.

We encourage residents to please sign our petition to Three Rivers District Council to help take action against these eye-sores in our village.

You can view and sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/three-rivers-district-council-remove-or-clean-up-croxley-green-s-dilapidated-billboards

Croxley Green Parish Council have got greener with the purchase of a bicycle.

Parish Bike cropped

The bike will be used by staff to inspect footpaths, top up dog-bag dispensers, visit sites that have been reported as having issues by residents and much much more without adding unnecessary mileage and fuel wastage to the works utility vehicle.

It is a green, environmentally friendly, health conscious way of travelling, that promotes the Parish Council’s commitment to a reduced carbon footprint and energy wastage.

Tour de Croxley anyone ?

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Croxley Green Parish Council has set aside over £27,000 into a new Coronavirus earmarked reserve.

Recognising that the Parish Council, as the tier of local government closest to the community, has a responsibility to deliver services that residents need, and that the impact of CoViD-19 will be with us for months, if not years after the immediate crisis, parish councillors voted unanimously to set aside a financial reserve specifically earmarked for the purpose.

A CoViD-19 working group which includes councillors and the wider public has been established to consider options for services that the council may provide. Councillor Nigel Cole, Vice Chair of the council, who facilitates the working group and proposed the creation of the financial reserve commented, "It is right that the Council reacts and does so quickly in order that it may support the community as it recovers from this unprecedented crisis. Setting aside funds as we have, allows us to deliver on our commitment without delay".

So far, the Parish Council has allocated £2300 to produce up to 1000 face coverings which are to be distributed to those who do not already have one and cannot make one themselves.

Do you have any suggestions that could help the community during and after the coronavirus pandemic? Under the terms of the Localism Act 2011 the Parish Council may now do anything that an individual can (the General Power of Competence) so your ideas need not be limited to what it previously has done – the Parish council is always open to good ideas so get in touch.

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