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Neighbourhood Plan

Your Opportunity to protect the future of Croxley Green

Referendum 6th December 2018

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The Rangers have installed a temporary barrier around a hole in Weston Wood. The barrier will remain in place until a more permanent solution is in place. 


Application forms are now available for the 2019 Senior Citizens Coach trip.


On Tuesday 18 2019, the Parish Council will be taking a group of senior citizens on a day trip to Brighton. This year, two coaches will leave Community Way car park at 9am and will arrive back at 7pm. This is expected to be a popular event and as seats are limited, places will be decided by means of a lucky draw.

If you would like to enter the draw, please complete a form with your details and the name of your guest and return the slip to the Parish Council by Tuesday 28 May 2019, when the draw will take place.

Forms can be downloaded from: http://croxleygreen-pc.gov.uk/index.php/information/forms or collected from the Council office. 

Following the referendum yesterday (6 December) on the Neighbourhood Plan for Croxley Green the votes have been counted. There was a 27.4% turnout and 2,774 votes cast with 94% (2,611) voting “YES” and 161 voting “No”.

A further statement will be issued in due course.

Having spoken with residents over the past few days we have come to see that some are getting confused between the Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan and the Three Rivers District Council Potential Site Consultation document. 

These two documents are ENTIRELY SEPARATE. For the referendum you will be asked to approve, or not, the Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan.  

The Neighbourhood Plan concerns the planning policy for Croxley Green. The Potential Site Consultation document is produced by the District Council and lists sites in and around Croxley Green which may be used to provide future housing. There will be no questions asked at the referendum on this document. 

For clarity, there is no link between the two documents, it is just unfortunate that both documents have been put out for discussion simultaneously but this was out of our control.

The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at: https://croxleygreen-pc.gov.uk/index.php/information/planning-development/neighbourhood-plan

If you have any questions please give us a ring on 01923 710250 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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