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Croxley Green Parish Council announces the Planting of a Commemorative Oak tree celebrating King Charles III Coronation.

The planting of the tree will take place on Tuesday 9th May 2023 at the entrance of Stone’s Orchard on Croxley Green at 11am and will be carried out by representatives from the council and local community groups.

Rich in tradition, the planting of commemorative trees on Croxley Green began in 1897 when the first tree was planted in celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee. Following this an addition 13 trees have been planted in celebration of all sovereigns taking the throne thereafter and stand proud till this day.

Croxley Green History Society have compiled information on all the trees located on the green and can be found at https://www.croxleygreenhistory.co.uk/trees_on_the_green.html

Croxley Green Parish Councillors are proud to continue this tradition in conjunction with Three Rivers District Council and Hertfordshire County Council, adding to what is our finest asset of natural beauty, and hope residents of Croxley Green can enjoy it for many generations to come. 


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