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In the tables that follow, the following definitions apply:-

  1. Expected is the number of meetings that the Councillor was expected to attend as a member of full council and any Committees of which they are a Member;
  2. Present is the actual number of meetings attended as expected;
  3. Apologies is the number of meetings where formal apologies have been submitted prior to the meeting;
  4. Not Present is in the number of meetings where the Councillor was not present and no apologies were received;
  5. In Attendance is the number of meetings that the Councillor attended in a capacity other than a Member of that Committee for reasons of interest in a topic being discussed.


Cllr Attendance 2020-2021 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2019-2020 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2018-2019 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2017-2018 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2016-2017 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2015-2016 (Summary)

Cllr Attendance 2014-15 (14 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2013-14 (12 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2012-13 (12 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2011-12 (38 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2010-11 (36 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2009-10 (36 kb)

Cllr Attendance 2008-09 (36 kb)

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