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Neighbourhood Plan

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Referendum 6th December 2018

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The full Council of 16 elected Members meet alternate months (with the F&A Meeting) with the exception of May and August.

The Council's role is to establish and agree overall policy, priorities and direction of the Parish Council for the functions and services it provides to the community - see Standing Orders and Mission Statement.

The Council will consider any new initiatives brought forward and will consider the merits of such initiatives and how best these can be implemented for the benefit of the community. Individual Members of the Council have no executive powers as this is a function exercised by the Clerk to the Council who is the Chief Executive Officer. Whilst the Council determines policy, these policies are then implemented by the Chief Executive Officer, the Clerk. Accordingly, it is the Clerk who reports to the Council as a collective body and not to individual Councillors.

The Clerk to the Council is repsonsible for the administration of the Council and all staff report to the Clerk. This being the case, individual Councillors are not empowered to instruct the staff at whatever level as this is a matter for the Clerk.

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