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Referendum 6th December 2018

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Chairman: Cllr Tony Walker

Vice Chairman: Cllr Chris Mitchell

Meeting Date: first Thursday and third Tuesday of each month

Areas of Policy include:

Town Planning, Public Transport, Road Safety, Village Appraisal and Sign Posting.

Decisions/Recommendations on Planning Applications by the Planning & Development.

Committee are reported in the Minutes of the meeting where the planning application was reviewed.

Planning Applications can be viewed on-line via the Three Rivers District Council's web site.

Planning Applications:

The following applications will be reviewed at the Planning & Development Committee Meeting Thursday 4th June 2020

(This page is updated weekly and was last updated 27/05/2020)

Two storey side extension, single storey side and rear extensions, loft conversion including formation of a crown roof and construction of front, rear and side dormer windows and raised patio to rear  -  9 Green Lane Croxley Green WD3 3HR

Demolition of existing detached garage and construction single storey side and rear extension, alterations to external materials and internal alterations  -  11 Ludlow Way Croxley Green WD3 3SJ

Part single storey, part two storey rear extension and first floor side extension  -  24 Dover Way Croxley Green WD3 3SL

Demolition of existing outbuilding, construction of single storey rear extensions, insertion of dormers to front and rear, front porch and alterations to frontage to faciliate enlarged access and parking area  -  Waterdell House Little Green Lane Croxley Green WD3 3JH



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