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Deriving its name from Walter Stone who was a tenant farmer in 1893, Stone's Orchard was land owned by the Woolwyrch family who lived at Parrotts Farm. The orchard had several different types of fruit trees including apples, pear and plum but the Orchard was best known for its cherry trees. During June and July when the cherries were picked, people would gather to buy them particularly on a Sunday, so Cherry Sundays became a popular event.

The orchard prospered for many years and as Walter aged his two sons, George and Jesse, took on much of the business which by this time had broadened into a coal and coke delivery service and haulage contractor. Walter died in 1939 and with orchards in decline after World War II, the tenancy of the land was given up. The coal business contiued for some years under Robert Woods who had married George Walter's daughter.

Eventually the Woolwrych family sold the land to John Dickinson and Company, the creator of Croxley Script paper, who had purchased several areas of land in Croxley Green for housing and leisure facilities for his papermill employees. By the 1970's all that remained of the original site was 3.5 acres.

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