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Referendum 6th December 2018

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The Green is an ancient village green about 7.82 hectares in size. The area was once known as Croc's Lea - the field of Croc the Saxon, from which today's Croxley name probably derives. The land was later owned by King Offa around 760 AD. This fierce and callous conqueror became despised by his people and in his bid for atonement Offa converted to Christianity and led him to endow the Monastery of St Albans with many manors. Among one of those endowments to St Albans was one of the 4 Manors of Rickmansworth which later became known as Croxley Green.

After the Reformation, Queen Elizabeth I gave the land to Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge but in 1945 the College sold the land to Rickmansworth Urban District Council.

The Green and Stones Orchard is currently owned by the Urban District Council's successors, Three Rivers District Council.

The Green is a Conservation Area and is maintained, along with Stones Orchard, by Croxley Green Parish Council under contract with Three Rivers District Council.

The Green is one of the main focal points of Croxley Green and each year in June it is the venue for the the Revels where residents, local voluntary groups and societies all come together for the carnival.

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