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It was clear from an initial Community Plan meeting that there are many facilities that residents would like to see in Croxley Green, which are not available at the moment. It was evident that a new ‘Village Centre’ could be around the New Road/Community Way car park area so Croxley Green Parish Council approved a project to “seek and investigate and initiate plans for the future of the village centre running in parallel with the community plan questionnaire".

The Parish Council uses the hall at the existing Community Centre in Community Way as a Village Hall. The Community Centre is a thriving enterprise that has the Croxley Green Community Club operating there. This operates a member system for the club, and the hall is supported by the Parish Council, so the hall can be used for local activities. The Club also operates the bar and promotes community activities.

At the first community plan meeting in 2011, there were many ideas that people came up with. These included:

  • Purpose built village hall, with a variety of space for local groups;
  • Leisure facilities/centre, including Gym, youth club, and space for indoor sports;
  • Modern health centre to provide wider range of health facilities;
  • Modern meeting place with coffee shops etc and
  • Create a community focus

So this project was to find an Architect who could look at what is the “art of the possible” in the land that maybe available. A number of architects submitted tenders to be involved with the project and after interviewing them, the Project Team selected Peter Goodwin of Chambers Goodwin and Partners, Rickmansworth.

The Project Team included five Parish Councillors, Cllrs Mitchell, Jordan, Shafe, Martin and Getkahn, Paul Brockman from the Community Club and Dr Corp from the New Road surgery. The Clerk of Croxley Green Parish Council, David Allison, was also on the team with the delegated authority from Council regarding the financial aspect of the project.

A presentation about this potential new Village Centre was given at the Annual Parish Meeting for the electors on 25 April 2013 and forms the start of a consultation period on what the Project Team have come up with which will be followed up with how to take things forward.

Below is a possible concept design of what a new Village Centre could look like but this is purely only a concept and shows what could be possible to accommodate expectations.

The potential site for the Village Centre is at the end of Community Way.

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