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Are you worried about cars speeding through Croxley Green?  If so, why not sign up to become a volunteer for the DriveSafe campaign.

DriveSafe volunteers are trained by local Police Officers to use speed monitoring equipment at approved locations and unlike previous neighbourhood speed initiatives DriveSafe relies on the community to take the lead with local Police in support. Volunteers, once trained, will record the registration number of vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit and warning letters are sent to the owner of the vechicle.  Volunteers can also record anti-social or dangerous driving such as not wearing a seat belt or using their mobile phones.

Volunteers must be over 18 and available to volunteer for at least six months. Two volunteers will need to become Lead Volunteers and will assist with the administration of the scheme and collection/return of equipment. Lead Volunteers will be subject to Police vetting procedures.

Further information about DriveSafe can be found here and if you want to become a volunteer, please contact the Parish Council and put your name forward.


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