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Croxley Green Parish Council currently pays for a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) and under the arrangements with Hertfordshire Constabulary also gets another 'free'! In this area of our web site, our PCSO's tell us what they have being doing and give helpful advice.

The two PCSO's for Croxley Green are PCSO 6523 Steve Jacob and PCSO 6455 Ross Huegdon. From time to time they hold Bright Spots which are times when you can come and meet the Officers and discuss any issues which are of concern to you. Details of the Bright Spot "Beat Surgeries" will be found on our Event Page.

Advice on crime prevention concerning burglary can be found here

Residents are reminded that if they see any suspicious activity this should be reported to the non-emergency Police number, just dial 101.

If you do happen to see any crime in progress, please still use 999 to report this.

If you want to be kept informed about policing the community then why not sign up to OWL. Online Watch Link (OWL) is a system used to circulate messages to Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators.  It’s an internet-based service that allows messages to be sent via email, fax and telephone.

Through OWL, (once signed in):

  • users who receive messages by e-mail can update their own profiles and records and state how and when they would like to receive messages;
  • users can obtain reports and statistics;
  • users can provide information and intelligence which can then be used by the police.

To go to the OWL system, click here.

Further information on policing matters can be found at www.herts.police.uk and www.crimestoppers-uk.org. 


0800 555 111

Give information on crime anonymously.

Contact us anytime on 0800 555 111 or at www.crimestopper-uk.org

  • Tell us about crime or criminals;
  • Information given by phone or online cannot be traced;
  • You will not have to go to court or give a statement;
  • No one will ever know you called;
  • Telephone calls can be translated on request.

Winter is here which means days are shorter and the darkness lasts longer. We would like to offer a few winter crime prevention tips to you:

At Home

Try not to leave your house in darkness, burglars love empty houses. If you are going to be out during the day give your home a lived-in look by using a timer switch. This turns a light on for a short period of time which helps to save your electricity and also make it look like somebody is home. Lock all doors before you go out and when you go to bed, and ensure all windows are secure before leaving your home. Intruder alarms can be an excellent deterrent against burglary, as burglars don’t want to be seen or heard - time and noise are their enemies. Always set your alarm when leaving the house and if you don’t have, consider having one fitted.
UV (Ultra Violet) security marker pens, which leave a mark that is not visible to the naked eye, are a cost effective way. These pens are available from good stationery stores at a reasonable cost.
You can also register your property for free on the online property database www.immobilise.com. That way, if your property is lost or stolen, you have more chance of having it returned to you.

Pedal Cycles

Try to make sure when you leave your bike unattended that it is left locked and secured even if it is just left for a few minutes whilst you are in the shop. You can mark the frame of your bike with your postcode using a UV pen or contact your local cycle shop, as most will mark them for a small cost. You can contact us for advice on other property marking initiatives available by phoning 101. Register your bike on a free online property database at www.immobilise.com - it can help police return them to you if they are lost or stolen. Make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your bike.

In The Car

Be aware of your keys. Don’t leave them lying around, visible or in pockets in changing rooms where they could be taken. Don’t leave them visible on a window sill in your home or near to the front door, where they could be “hooked” through the letterbox.
Remove your sat nav and its holder, and wipe away any suction marks as these could suggest to a potential thief that a sat nav is stored in your vehicle. Never leave any valuables in your vehicle - not even in the glove-box or boot - and keep ALL other possessions out of sight. Even if you know that there is nothing valuable in your coat pocket or bag left on the back seat, a thief may try their luck. Register your stereo, laptop, sat nav and any other property on the free online property database www.immobilise.com. It only takes a few minutes and could help police trace your property if it’s lost or stolen.

Protect Your Money

NEVER give personal information, such as your date of birth or bank details, to unexpected callers. NEVER allow an unexpected caller to talk you through processes on your computer, like downloading new software or accessing your online bank account.
Remember that the police or your bank would NEVER unexpectedly call you and ask you to withdraw cash or move your money to another account, as a result of fraud or any other reason.

The PCSO's will also be patrolling the parks of Croxley to provide a visible presence and to address any anti-social behaviour issues. We stock free timer switches at the station over the winter period so if you would like one of these get in touch with us however stock is limited so we cannot guarantee these for everyone.

To report a low level incident please call 101 or if an emergency/crime in progress 999. 

December 2017 Crime & ASB figures*

Offence No. In Parish No. in Three Rivers

Residential Burglary:









Burglary Business and Community 0 5
Criminal Damage 9 52
Vehicle Crime 1 48
Anti-Social Behaviour* 14 112

Please Note: not all crime types are included in this table, as these can be found elsewhere online (see below), however, we have included crimes and incidents of most relevance to local people and where other significant crimes have occurred we endeavour to include details, and the police response to it, under the ‘other news and events’ section.

*ASB is not defined as ‘crime’ however it has been included in this table for your information as it can affect the wider community and we (police) are jointly responsible with local councils for dealing with it. Recordable ASB includes neighbour disputes and noise nuisance etc.
For more details on crime in your area please visit: www.police.uk. Enter a postcode to see the ‘crime map’ for the local area.

Other News and events

Burglary patrols have been put in place for the dark evenings and these are carried out by officers every evening.
We have seen a decrease in ASB incidents between November and December.
Criminal damage incidents reported in December include a hedge being cut down, damage to a gate and damage caused to items during separate domestic incidents. There was also an alleged arson attack on a shop - two people have been arrested and released under investigation while enquiries continue.

Useful information

 You can follow your local team on Twitter @RickmansPolice

Croxley Green Parish Council area is covered by Police beat codes C2J, H & K. The allocated officers for that area from the Safer Neighbourhood Team are PCSOs Steve Jacob and Ross Huegdon.

Visit www.herts.police.uk where you can find the latest police and crime news, crime prevention advice and people wanted by police.

Police non-emergency number 101. (In an emergency always use 999).  You can also use the online reporting form for non-emergencies, which can be found on the Herts Police website.

Contact Crimestoppersanonymously with information about crime on 0800 555 111.

If you have any concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour please contact PCSO Steve Jacob or PCSO Ross Huegdon on 101 or by email steven.jacobThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can contact them directly if the matter is of a more serious nature, via Airwave radios, when on duty, on 01707 354192. (In an emergency always use 999.)

Please consider registering valuables for free at www.immobilise.com. This is an easy way of recording items, from jewellery to bikes, so that if lost or stolen and subsequently recovered they can be identified and returned. Please also consider marking tools in some way so that they are less attractive to thieves. Police will engrave them free of charge and hold regular tool marking events. Contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team for more information.

OWL Neighbourhood Watch

We invite residents to sign up and receive messages from the police about what’s going on their local area. To sign up to OWL or for more information please visit www.owl.co.uk 

Residents can make their homes more secure by following some basic crime prevention advice such as:

  • Use timer switches on a lamp, radio or TV set so that they turn on as it gets dark in the afternoons.
  • Make a habit of checking that ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed. Upstairs windows should be locked when the house is unoccupied. 
  • PVCu doors must be locked by lifting the handle and turning the key to ensure all the security features are in place. 
  • Car and house keys should be kept out of sight in a safe place. Don’t leave them on display on window sills, in porches, hallways or kitchens. 
  • Secure your rear garden by shutting and locking any gates. Burglars can use garden tools, like ladders to break in, so make sure you securely lock away any tools after use. 

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