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The Croxley Rail Link is the proposed extension of the London Underground Metropolitan line from Croxley, to Watford Junction via Watford High Street.

The scheme is being promoted by Hertfordshire County Council in partnership with London Underground and Network Rail.

Construction work on the Scheme is due to begin in 2014. A more detailed works programme is currently being compiled and will be published once detailed engineering designs are completed. The target date for trains to start running on the new link is 2016.

Below is a link to the Croxley Rail Link website which carries more detailed information about the project and its progress:


Info Sheet Nov 13

Info Sheet Surveys GI Baldwins Lane (277 kb)


March 2014 Update:

The Croxley Rail Link contractors have advised that they will be digging trial trenches at various locations either side of the roundabout, partly on the carriageway.

The locations are:

Trench 6 Watford Road – 24/03/14 to 01/04/14
Trench 7 Watford Road – 26/03/14 to 03/04/14
Trench 10 Old Ascot Road – 31/03/14 to 04/04/14
Trench 8 New Ascot Road – 04/04/14 to 08/04/14
Trench 2 Baldwins Lane – 04/04/14 to 08/04/14
Trench 9 New Ascot Road – 08/04/14 to 10/04/14
Trench 1 Baldwins Lane – 08/04/14 to 10/04/14
Trench 4 Cinnamond House – 11/04/14 to 16/04/14
Trench 5 Cinnamond House – 17/ 04/14 to 25/04/14

The locations can be viewed on the map below:

Info Sheet Trial Trenches Croxley Green 20 03 14 Rev 1

Info Sheet Trial Trenches Croxley Green 20 03 14 Rev 1 (992 kb)


September 2014 Update:

The Croxley Rail Link Project Team have issued an update. The update, Information Sheet 9, advises that utility trial trenches are planned to take place between Monday 8 September and Friday 26 September 2014 at locations on Baldwins Lane and New Ascot Road.

Info Sheet 9 Trial Trenches

Info Sheet 9 Trial Trenches Croxley Green ( 523 kb)


December 2015 Update:

A project update has been issued on behalf of Rob Smith: Deputy Director - Environment (Transport and Environment Management): Hertfordshire County Council:

Croxley Rail Link update

We are nearing the construction start date for building the Croxley Rail Link so want to update you on the latest developments with this scheme.

The county council has had significant success in getting the scheme to a stage where construction can start. All the partners involved in the scheme agree that there is now merit in the rail industry taking a more direct role in the delivering the project and for the county council to speak to London Underground, in particular, about enhancing their involvement. We all agree that this makes perfect sense, given that London Underground is ultimately going to own and operate the railway. London Underground has some complex signals and communications works of its own that it is best placed to co-ordinate with the civil engineering and building works.

So the next steps are for the county council to continue discussions with London Underground and for the scheme to receive final funding approval from the Department for Transport, which is expected in March 2015. Construction is due to start in spring 2015. The target date for trains to start running on the new link is spring 2018.

The scheme is projected to cost £230m. This cost takes into account inflation and increasing the scope of the scheme in order to provide wider railway benefits.

The Croxley Rail Link website (www.croxleyraillink.com) will be updated with this latest information. If you have any queries, you can contact the project team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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