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New Website Launched

This is an example new story showing how great-looking local news can be published and shared. News items are grouped into Topics which visitors can use to find themes of news stories.

Published: February 24, 2023

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse

This is where you post the content for your news story.

Government websites such as yours should provide un-bias, and non-political information for your residents.

Use Header 2 to set a subtitle to your article. Use the drop-down in the top-left bar above this section.

An example of a heading using Header 2

You can also put text into quotation marks to make it clear that it’s a quote.

This is an example of a quote.

Try and reduce the amount of custom formatting you use, for example, reduce the use of Bold, Italics and ALL CAPS as it can affect accessibility and readability for some reason.

If you need to share a document, you can upload it in the section below and it’ll appear as a download for visitors.

You can also embed images into this section, but remember, a header image is more important, so think about placing your image there instead.


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