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Cllr Harry Kyriakou

Through the years I’ve always lived or worked in Croxley Green. I attended York House School and Rickmansworth School. I was in the church choir at All Saints Church and I may have sung at some of your weddings. I also played rugby for OMT for a period of time.

Currently I run a family business (fish and chip shop). I took over the running in 1999 but have worked there since 1994 through school and college. I completed business studies and a diploma in Ilex para legal training at Cassio College. I have been a landlord for the last 10 years. I am keen to continue learning and became a member of The National Landlord Association and Federation of Small Businesses to develop my knowledge of these areas.

My hobbies are going to the gym, running, cycling, snowboarding, swimming and just generally always trying to do something to keep fit. I also like exploring (mostly in London) finding new places and experiences and love good food, company and conversation.

I try to be the best human being I can be, willing to help others, kind, considerate, charming and charismatic to those closest around me. Love to make people laugh, smile and think of different points of view.

My Creative side usually comes out mostly in my business, I love new promotional ideas/design, function of design and ways to manage different situations. I would also say I am quite strong willed but it’s understated as I like to observe and work together with people to move forward.

As a new parish councillor for Croxley Green I will try my very best to make a difference in a good way.

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