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Cllr Julia Bichard

I moved to Croxley 6 years ago with my husband and children. We didn’t know the area at all, but it was conveniently located midway between the grandparents’ houses, so that they could help us with childcare on days we are both working! We couldn’t believe our luck at having stumbled upon such a beautiful place, with such a lovely community spirit.

As a palliative care consultant working in an acute hospital, I know how valuable it is for people to feel connected to others, particularly when they are going through difficult times.

It was mainly this that inspired me to apply to be on the parish council: to contribute something back and to promote community spirit. I was happy to be elected in May 2023.

I am on the Leisure, Events and Environment Committee. I hope to contribute by helping with Parish Council events which bring people together, and by helping to promote and facilitate sustainable living and care of our environment, which is something I feel passionate about.

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