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Sports, Dance and Activities

Published: March 20, 2023

All Saints’ Badminton Club—
Bluebirds Ballet School at St Oswalds Church Malvern Way age 55+ 2:00-3:00, Nicole  07515 522792
Croxley Green English Folk Dance Club—Mrs O’ Searls 0208 950 5756 Tuesdays 8pm at St Bede’s Hall
Croxley Green International Folk Dance Group—Mona Graham 01923 241441 Fridays 2.15-3.45pm at Croxley Green Community Centre
Croxley Green Modern Sequence Dance Club—Ken Moulds 01923 671790, improve your dancing and learn new sequence dances—Tuesdays 8pm at Croxley Green Community Centre
Croxley Guild Bowls Club—Mrs M Wishart 01923 443239
Croxley Guild of Sports and Social Club—David Haines 01923 770534
Croxley Tennis Club—Jon Taffel 01923 774973
Croxley Veteran Cycle Club—Alex Loose 01923 720509
Watford Piscators—07958 749734
Hatha Yoga Classes—Richard Phillips 01923 238915
Organised Health Walks—Janet and Roger Lewis 01923 ???
Redheath Archers—Sundays 2-5pm at York House School Ricky Archers—
Royal British Legion Women’s Section—Ballroom, sequence, line and party dances are held every other month starting in February, 7.30pm—11pm. Contact Barbara Loose 01923 720509. Dances are held to fund raise for the Women’s Section Welfare Schemes and are therefore open to the public. Please note that the Branch also run Tuesday tea dances, 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

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